Emerging Artists of the Week: Tripping Scarlet & Chuckie Campbell

Today we’re going to put the spotlight on two emerging artists from Kentucky:

First up is Tripping Scarlet from Richmond, Kentucky. While not heavy in the online catalog department, what drew me into their music was their classic 90’s sound. They seem mostly inspired by Seattle grunge (which a few of their songs are covers of famous grunge bands). Even moreso, the lead singer has voice that sounds like a cross between Eddie Vedder and Scott Weiland, not a bad thing either. Tripping Scarlet brings back a lot of nostalgia, however there’s only a few original songs online from them. Some songs to check out from them include their only two original songs online, “Take Me Down” and “Walls”, which are very consistent musically with the bands they’re covering. I would like to see this band create more original material to get a better sense of their musical identity.

On the hip hop side of things we’re gonna stay in Richmond and take a look at rapper Chuckie Campbell. This guy is super lyrical, and his lyrics revolve around a wide variety of subjects. I don’t usually praise love and break up songs, but he paints such vivid pictures, and his wordplay is so intricate that you almost feel like your thrust in the middle of the scenario.  Chuckie Campbell also combines his amazing lyrics with an incredibly fast flow, which at times makes it hard to follow. Production-wise, his beats are well-made, and are definitely worth a listen in themselves. Overall, I would love to see this guy do big things. Standout tracks include: “Love Comes Around” featuring Beth Farmer, “Climb,” “Beautiful Death,” and “Slave to the Rhythm.”