Emerging Artists of the Week: Ill Lucid Onset & Soulja Red

Today for you guys, we have two Emerging Artists to present to you that we think are worth checking out. The rock artist we’ll take a look at today is Ill Lucid Onset from Portland, Oregon. What to expect: usually the songs have a slow buildup that strums along for the first minute or so, and leads to a high jumpoff point. it’s here that the guitarist really shines and the lead singer doesn’t hamper that. The lead singer has whisper-like vocals that complement the slow buildups, not so much the harder parts. That being said, the band has a nice cohesion, and you can tell they’ve been doing this for a while. Some of my favorite songs from these guys are: ‘Lives in Me” and “Taking the Fall”.

To check out some music from Ill Lucid Onset, head on over to the group’s ReverbNation page at www.reverbnation.com/illlucidonset The band is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/illlucidonset and on Twitter by going to www.twitter.com/illlucidonset

For our hip-hop fix, we head out to Springfield, MO and check out the sounds of Soulja Red. Let me preface this and say that I’m not a fan of new school Southern rap. Soulja Red would be an exception to the rule. His subject matter is more stream of conscious, and he seems to be just as influenced from groups and artists from the 90’s, like the Wu-Tang Clan, as he is from today’s artists. After a first listen, I can’t really tell if he’s just stringing together words, or if there’s some deeper meaning that completely flew over my head. Another thing that I like is that he isn’t all hooks and chorus, and most of his songs aren’t chorus dependent. Production wise, he used a couple of familiar beats (“Ice Cream” and “Illusions” which happen to be some of my favorite songs) and still keeps the essence of those songs. Other songs have a more Southern vibe. and while I’m not a fan of the beats, the lyrics make the songs all the worthwhile.

For more info on Soulja Red, head on over to his ReverbNation at www.reverbnation.com/thasouljared You can also follow him on Twitter by going over to www.twitter.com/thasouljared